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n. - One of a clan whose purpose are to be demigods of universal justice, virility, and American awesomeness.

n. - a living testimony to the grace of our God, who has blessed mere mortals to walk beside Jammastas.

n. - One of a clan whose sole purpose in life is to slay n00bs by the billions.

n. - One of the 11 corners of the earth.
A n00b was playing Counter-strike Source, when all of a sudden, BOOM HEADSHOT!, a Jammasta was there to pwn!
by Jammasta Blasta August 31, 2010
(Noun) a.The definition of 1337ness.

b.Disasta reminds us all that we are simply mortals. A man who demands respect and deserves it; a man whose mere subtle glances can bring down a nation; a man who reminds us all of who we once thought we'd become.

c. A leading member of the Jammasta clan

d. Without any doubt, a n00bslayer.
The n00b started a server in Counter-Strike Source, totally unaware that Disasta was about to join.
by Jammasta Blasta February 23, 2010

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