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A neo-hippie is at peace. At peace with world, good and bad. He (or she) knows that the enjoyment of Life, whatever his circumstances are, is the most important aspect of living. He enjoys all activities, all genres of music, all kinds of people, and sees the unique beauty in everything. He watches the world with an objective eye, seeing all sides of a story. He does not stare at the negativity he sees; he looks at it and finds within it positivity. He knows that civil liberties are innate, and to deny anyone those is outright wrong. He does not fight for what is right, he pushes the right past the wrong, for hatred helps nobody.. He controls himself with a free restraint, hurting for he knows it will pass with time, loving for he knows that it is the best feeling a person can experience. He experiences everything there is to experience, because from those his ever-changing soul grows.
Girl: "Wow, that girl's a bitch."
Neo-hippie: "So what?"

Boy: "I hate gay people!"
Neo-hippie: "They're just like you, except they like the same sex."

Girl: "Eww, I look fat in this shirt!!"
Neo-hippie: "No, you look beautiful and curvyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy."

Boy: "I like punching people in the face."
Neo-hippie: "I enjoy the breeze on my face, in my hair when I'm driving in my car with the windows down."
by Jamison C. Fisher May 21, 2009
It is whatever you make it out to be.
"What is the meaning of Life?"
"Decide that for yourself."
by Jamison C. Fisher May 21, 2009
Being okay with the fact that you and another person disagree.
"I think God is beautiful!"
"No, God is dead."
"Agree to disagree?"
"Sure, wanna go get some sushi?"
by Jamison C. Fisher May 21, 2009

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