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Spax Kids

Appearance -
Spax kids prefer tight clothing that shows off their 'assets'. They'll stick to duller colours such as black, white and grey.

The name 'spax' is derived from 'spandex' because their tight clothing can cling like spandex.
Hair is generally choppy, spikey (but straight).

Their clothing can be confused for 'emo' or 'punk'.

Attitude, Opinions, Preferences -

Spax kids, although normally not very physically strong in appearance have a strong mindset. They're stubborn most times and tend to rebel against authority. Parents and teachers, for the most part.

Most have a quick wit, an at times a slightly cruel sense of humour. Generally selective about friends.

They have strong opinions in most cases. Most spax kids won't try and shove them down your throat, though.

They're normally bi, gay or at least open minded.

They normally listen to punk (not fallout boy, panic! at the disco immitation punk sort style), screamo, techno, some rock, even some pop.

Spax kids don't really have a general mood. Most have a lot of moodswings, but couldn't really be described as happy or depressed for the majority of the time. They don't normally show a large amount of emotion, though. Even if they're feeling it.

Spax kids are 99.9% of the time teenagers.

Sometimes called 'spaxes' or 'spaxters', but more commonly just known as spax kids, spax boys or spax girls.
Man, that spax boy's pants were so tight, there was nothing left to the imagination.
by Jamiezz April 06, 2007

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