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The lead singer of The Academy is...
born february 11 1985

in my opinion best voice on earth
singing in the best band ever

only problem is that hes super skinny
like can see your hipbones and ribs skinny
me: omg look its william beckett!

friend: omg he looks like hes anorexic

me: yeah i know, still hot though

friend: yep
by jamieee July 23, 2006
the most awsomest post hardcore screamo bandwith the sexiest frontman ryan zimmerman

me: holy shit i got beaten up in the mosh pit for greeley estates

friend: really?!

me: yeah i have so many fucking bruises

friend: aw that sucks

me: yeah but it was worth it
by jamieee July 23, 2006
the lead singer of the post hardore screamo band greeley estates

also extremely sexy

has a beautiful singing voice and a screaming voice
long brown always in his face hair
gray eyes
one lip ring on the bottom and one on the top
me: omg i met ryan zimmerman at warped tour!

friend: really?!

me: yeahh we took a pic together and his sweaty hair was right next to mine

friend: lucky bitch

me: hehe i know
by jamieee July 23, 2006
A private school where spoiled Jewish kids come to learn.
1: what school do you go to?
2: a private school. you probably haven't heard of it.
1: oh, you mean schechter?
by Jamieee July 21, 2006
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