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The worst prime minister the Uk has ever seen. Stripping people of their rights by banning smoking, turned the world's best country into Bush's lapdog, and trying to turn us into a cesspit 4 asylum seekers, and a society of drones with no rights- just servants of the fascist labour party.
Hey- he screwed up immigration, pensions,the railways, wants us all 2quit smoking and not let clever people maximise their potential by tuition fees but still, hes freed the iraqi people so we can rob their oil!
by JamieC90 November 30, 2004
High pitched singer who dances like a retard and always takes his top off so girls will buy his singles. Songs are fukin annoyin.
USher- put ur top back on, get a facelfit and sto singing.
by JamieC90 December 04, 2004
A term used on Jack Dee's show. Its a word that is used in substitute 4 bollocks and something u yell wen ya mad
NECKARSERY! that fuckin spellcheck thinks it such a smartarse.
by JamieC90 November 30, 2004
The most boring subiect ever, taught by a teacher wif a lisp and has face spasms. Most of the time u learn nothing.
Ah, I don't need to know about osmosis in plant cells- hey, a packet of sponges is under this desk- lets chuck 'em!
by JamieC90 December 06, 2004

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