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Grenade Swarm (Verb) : To deliberately aim grenades at a single point from multiple players, so as to remove defenses from a long way away. Considered very bad manners, despite being a clever tactic.

It is often compared to camping and zerging, as both are considered weak strategies, while often being part of the game's design...
Base Defender: Haha, I am sniping you and you cannot... <BANG!> WTF?!?!? I'm dead! How'd I?!? You f*(!ing NOOBS, YOU GRENADE SWARMED ME!

Attacking Team: Oh, suck it up, you big camper!
by Jamie and Tarne Durbin May 26, 2008
Rolled cigarettes consisting of butts either removed from the ashtray, someone else's ashtray, or the street. While considered neither healthy nor socially acceptable, they are often smoked by those with little money and a smoking habit.
Student: Oh, joy, no baccy... I guess I'll have to have an SHS.
Friend: A what?
Student: Second hand special (removes butts from ashtray)
Friend: Oh, crap, man, that's baaaad.
by Jamie and Tarne Durbin November 12, 2009
Overgale (noun) - Like an overdraft, but in the same way that Noah's Flood was a small drip...
"Mum couldn't lend me any money, the bank called about her overgale"
by Jamie and Tarne Durbin June 22, 2008

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