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Basically an affluential suburb of Dublin where wealth and mercs are rampant. Not to be confused wth D4E, or 'ringsend', where inbreeding and verruccas are rampant.(see skobes andthe northside) The financial abundance of ths modern version of the Elysian Fields often leads to jealousy in people from lesser areas. (see above and desperate wannabes also seesad)
Some complete wannabe from BRAY, of all places! came up to me yesterday begging me for change. I was like get away from me, you focking pov! Daddy bought me a porshe for my birthday, SO gorgeous!!
by Jamie O' Connell-Kilroy May 17, 2005
Upper class area on the better side of Dublin city(seesouthside) The people are mostly rich and affluence is rampant, except for 'ringsend' or 'D4E' wher verruccas and inbreeding are rampant. (see also pov,knackers) due to the affluence of the occupants, jealousy is quite common from people who live in lesser areas (see above and wannabes)
OMG im SO happy I live in d4 and therefore am not poor!
by Jamie O' Connell-Kilroy May 14, 2005
The act of orgasming or 'cumming'. To get one's hole, one must get a hot goy to give one an orgasm. Frequently heard in Wezz and Bondi.
OMG that goy over there is, like, SO hot!
Oh my God yeah! Go for it, Get your hole!!
by Jamie O' Connell-Kilroy May 19, 2005
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