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1. An exclamation of general dissatisfaction, usually uttered in otherwise socially tense situations between two people of different ethnicity.

2. A butt so slop-juicy goo-goo-ga-ga dumbotron that the only way to describe it is to relate it back to the perfection of the primordial soup in which its precursors formed.

3. A shape formed by bending a double helix into a curvy lower-case W.
1. "Ah, fuck a sugar! This is a fruit that quite blatantly begs for salt, Flapjack."
"Deoxyribonucleaic ass."

2. "Nice deoxyribonucleaic ass, Flapjack."

3. Flapjack turned away from his aggressors and focused his attention on a small deoxyribonucleaic ass he had been working on.
by Jamie Naybelten April 15, 2008

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