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1. Any slimy, disgusting substance, that no-one in their right mind would want to go near. Often contains streaks of green and brown.

See also gunge

2. A load of rubbish someone says to fill in time or fill paper.

See also waffle

3. A sentinmental speech, often on a TV or movie.

See also clap trap
"I opened up the drain cover, and there was loads of bilge everywhere. Urgh!"
by Jamie McGarry March 03, 2004
A small unoffical region near Driffield, East Yorkshire, England. Spanadia is about 500 meters square, but widely acknowledged by the local population.
"I passed through Spanadia on my way to the sports centre."
by Jamie McGarry March 03, 2004
A word only used to describe the popular graphics program "Swish." First used by Lunch Break Toons, a British webcomic made in Swish.
#035 - "swish"
by Jamie McGarry March 03, 2004
That which is furthest gone.
"My son's gone to Scotland."
"Well mine's gonest...he's in Cairo."
by Jamie McGarry September 02, 2006
A slang word, used instead of "good" or "great." Thought to originate in Hull.
"I'm 'amster, mate."
by Jamie McGarry April 16, 2004

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