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3 definitions by Jamie Lee Roberts

In laymens terms, bongsweedle is a descrition for the apocolypse used in an episode of cheers, aslo, it is a type of artichoke...
Hal:Was wrong wi' you eh?

Woody: Feels like I've been through a bongsweedle...

Hal: You suck!!!
by Jamie Lee Roberts June 26, 2005
2 2
Often used in modern day life as an alternative for 'food'. Used mostly by 13-18 year olds
'Boy meets Caligulor' Season 3 Episode 13 Gregsteen - 'Lets get some foodage yo!!!' Caligular - 'I hate you'
by Jamie Lee Roberts October 31, 2006
10 24
samous flangus- defind by the greek theorist milo as a large unusual pickle being held by the al queda in basra. In modern terminology as an accelerator on a VW Polo (1989 Model in cappicino black.)
Episode 193728/a6.99 of Heartbeat, Isaac says to Sam "KEEP YOUR FOOT OFF MY BLASTED SAMOFLANGE..."
by Jamie Lee Roberts June 26, 2005
15 80