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Exceptionally sweet, of extreme sweetness.
Man, that is suh-weet
by Jamie Kennedy January 06, 2004
A person demonstrating little man's syndrome combined with the inability to back up his talk. See: Napoleon Bonaparte
Noodle keeps claiming his pwnership of the Ivory Tower, but really, he's just a Nappy B because it is bootron who constantly pwns him at that course.
by Jamie Kennedy August 29, 2005
A desperately needed dose of Phish.
That was a nice Bathtub Gin, just the Phix I needed.
by Jamie Kennedy May 14, 2008
An acronym for All Phish All Week. Commonly started on a Monday morning when you really need a serious Phix to get the week started. Once started, it is very unlucky to stop an APAW mid-week. For those hesitant to commit, an APAD (All Phish All Day) is recommended.
I rolled into work this morning and knew the only way to survive the week was with an APAW.
by Jamie Kennedy May 14, 2008
Verb. To bamboozle someone who believes they hold a superior postion to the bamboozler.
Bootron was n00b00zled into declaring his mastery of the content of the Patriot Act, only to learn he was wrong.
by Jamie Kennedy April 06, 2005

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