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a band from canada that is a target of critisism from real "punks" who have nothing better to do with their time other than to put down a band that has had sucess while their favorite bands still haven't been to an award show.
sum 41 is well know, what about your bands?
by jamie October 19, 2003
a word to describe ones absolute astoundment at the pure brilliance of something
man, your cock is wu tang clan!
by jamie March 17, 2004
Birmingham, Alabama in the dirrty south
birmingham alabama- the backdoor to atlanta!
by jamie October 24, 2004
another name for cum, or man juice
The girl that sucked me off las night was so bad i just had to
spray my salt peter up her nostral
by Jamie June 14, 2006
the feeling you get after having excess ketamine that can be overcome by taking more ketamine or next time taking twice as much
dfyu areuif rloeo0fb dhfggnbd
by Jamie November 29, 2003
It stands for Secret Federal Weapon.
I tried to kill the Cyborgs with my SFW but instead they got it from me and threw it down the elevator shaft.
by jamie August 11, 2003
Otherwise know as playstation 2
Brillient gaming system :
Playstaion 2 is good but not as good as xbox
by Jamie March 05, 2005
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