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163 definitions by Jamie

he is by far da buffest member of blazin and always waves at concerts! We av been three times and he has never missed us out...I LOVE U TOM!!!!!!!!!
He is gr8
by jamie December 15, 2003
another name for cum, or man juice
The girl that sucked me off las night was so bad i just had to
spray my salt peter up her nostral
by Jamie June 14, 2006
a extremly hard ass person, who wears fubu clothing and heavy bling! they also tend to "diss" poor people or folk of lower class. townies usually try to act hard around gangstas as they are shit scared!
knock him out smithy, josh and jamie are fuckin gangstas ya'll!
by jamie February 12, 2004
to stalk (verb, tr.)

1. to hang out with, to go out with, to visit.
I really want to stalk my friend Cheech tonight, but I think he has a date with Chong. I guess I'll stalk my mom instead.
by jamie February 25, 2004
when someones sleeping a person sticks their finger in thier ass and wipes poop on their upper lip in the form of hitlers mustache
craig woke up with a little hitler
by Jamie June 04, 2004
The hard cheese that forms in the nozzel of the easy cheese can every time you go to use it.
She had to remove some chug before applying the cheese to her cracker.
by Jamie May 04, 2004
a band from canada that is a target of critisism from real "punks" who have nothing better to do with their time other than to put down a band that has had sucess while their favorite bands still haven't been to an award show.
sum 41 is well know, what about your bands?
by jamie October 19, 2003