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aimee l is so sad for looking at this get a life
aimee l loves the pen15
by Jamie January 08, 2005
A Clothing Store For People Who Can AFFORD To Pay $15 For A Shirt, Like Me And Alla My Friends!
Jamie's Friend- Hey Lets Go To The Mall And Get A New Shirt From AE And Lets Swing By A&F!
by Jamie November 05, 2003
A word generally used in the Southeast United States to refer to "you all",and/or a specific gathering of living creatures.
"Ya'll kitties come here and get your milk." "Did ya'll see where I laid my keys?"
by Jamie September 13, 2003
aspirin - 'a-spire-in' to aspire to be something. A wannabe. Like Andy is a wannabe RA RA lawyer. (when in fact face facts...your not)Or how Guy is a wannnabe jock...
When a wannabe hangs himself with his won rope... click your fingers and say aspirin
by Jamie January 07, 2005
see yequah.
that gopnik is a yequah.
by jamie May 20, 2004
mom (adj.)

1. used to describe something that is really great, nice, kind, helpful.

syn: momlike
I can't believe your boyfriend brought you soup when you were sick! He's so mom!
by jamie February 25, 2004
he is by far da buffest member of blazin and always waves at concerts! We av been three times and he has never missed us out...I LOVE U TOM!!!!!!!!!
He is gr8
by jamie December 15, 2003

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