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163 definitions by Jamie

see yequah.
that gopnik is a yequah.
by jamie May 20, 2004
7 45
so is mike
mike is a cocksucking whore
by jamie February 13, 2004
37 76
aimee l is so sad for looking at this get a life
aimee l loves the pen15
by Jamie January 08, 2005
10 51
A Clothing Store For People Who Can AFFORD To Pay $15 For A Shirt, Like Me And Alla My Friends!
Jamie's Friend- Hey Lets Go To The Mall And Get A New Shirt From AE And Lets Swing By A&F!
by Jamie November 05, 2003
50 92
A word generally used in the Southeast United States to refer to "you all",and/or a specific gathering of living creatures.
"Ya'll kitties come here and get your milk." "Did ya'll see where I laid my keys?"
by Jamie September 13, 2003
27 69
aspirin - 'a-spire-in' to aspire to be something. A wannabe. Like Andy is a wannabe RA RA lawyer. (when in fact face facts...your not)Or how Guy is a wannnabe jock...
When a wannabe hangs himself with his won rope... click your fingers and say aspirin
by Jamie January 07, 2005
9 52
mom (adj.)

1. used to describe something that is really great, nice, kind, helpful.

syn: momlike
I can't believe your boyfriend brought you soup when you were sick! He's so mom!
by jamie February 25, 2004
19 62