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163 definitions by Jamie

1. A SuPeR sExI FrEsHmEn SwEetHeArT oF A GuY tHat Any GiRl WuD bE lUcKy To HaVe.
2. No GiRl CaN kEeP HeR hAnDs OfF Of ThIs RaD SeXi BeAsT...(lIteRaLlY)
3. NOT AN ASSHOLE..no matter how much he thinks he is!
4. My BeStEsT BuDdY EvR dunnO WhAt I wUd Do WiThOuT tHiS GuY... I HoPe Ur WeEk StArTs GoIn BetTeR!!
DoGgO is SuCh a RaD SeXi BeAst AnD WaY CoOlEr ThEn AnYoNe ElSeS PaRtY BuDdY!
by jamie November 17, 2004
cousins that are gay together
My name is Shawn I love my cousin Brian
by Jamie October 16, 2004
An excuse given by a drunk person attempting to vindicate how much they've had to drink (usually with much slurring of words)
Im on shlightly tiphsy, it wash only sixsh drinksh I think.
by jamie November 13, 2003
A term used to express joy in something or when you are a loser who plays games too much. Usually typed with zero's instead of O's
"Gavin scored 99/100 on his test w00t"

"Gavin is a bellend, w00t"

"Matteh is teh w00t!"
by Jamie January 06, 2005
another way of saying you are
Yur so stupid.
Yur the worst.
by jamie June 16, 2003
someone who doesnt put out once the circimstances are right.
my girlfriend wont give me head, damn prude!
by jamie February 25, 2004
someone who has reached new levels of assholism
'dude, that guy is a fuckhole.'
by Jamie December 02, 2003