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163 definitions by Jamie

Its the term refered to someone who thinks they are real bad ass. It is the sound that would come through their mouth if sound were to be moving through it. Their so bad ass they have that bad ass expression on their face, of "hoo".
Wow that cop is so hoo. I dont want to have to deal with him.
by jamie August 11, 2003
A term of endearment used for a loved one. Often used when one is arroused sexually.
What do you want to do pookie?
by jamie April 07, 2005
n. one who likes anal sex; one who enjoys inserting bizarre entities or life forms into their/their partner's rectum; one who is fond of alien enimas;
v. anal sex;booty sex; ass fuck; inserting toys into bums;
Yo i met this feldmar last night and she put something weird in my butt.

I saw these two crazy mothercukers feldmaring on the street last night and i was like "woah"
by Jamie September 05, 2004
this is aka-the 6th joker card
this is the power to witness the death of all mortal things, it is also the echo of our lives
related to insane clown posse
i hope the wraith dwels over u from this moment on until the echo of ur life expires and the wraith will be there to finish his duty on u in the flesh and i hope the wraith will come soon for u (not really but ya) and all of us juggalos/juggalets will celebrate in the fago rain
by Jamie April 09, 2004
the greatest football team on the planet. Based in Northampton
we love you cobblers we do! OH COBBLERS WE LOVE YOU!
by Jamie January 08, 2004
a dumb person
This is a very old fashioned word & have heard from my mother & was passed from my grandmother which would be 103 now.
Have actually heard this phrase "you big gump!"
by Jamie September 21, 2003
Cockney Rhyming Slang; A cup of tea
"Could you make us a Jay-Z"
by Jamie October 07, 2004