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163 definitions by Jamie

someone who jabs someone in the face with a massive belly in a sexual nature, with hopes of arousal
im gonna give her the hardest jabu jabu shes ever had
by jamie December 02, 2003
edwin torres attempted to clean out the campus pond and ended up sinking waiste deep into toxic waiste. From there emergency back up was called and eddie was stripped and hosed down for everyone, (freshman tours included) to see. He survived.
edwin is the swamp thing
by jamie October 07, 2004
To make out with or desire to make out with.
"Oh my gosh, what a fox! I soo want to slice him!" or "He's soo slicing!"
by Jamie June 24, 2004
A punk band from Santa Cruz, California. They released their first full-length album, Homecoming, in 1998. They were thought to be on the verge of breaking up in 2004, but soon came back with a new release, E.P.IDEMIC. Their sound is definitely polished since the days of their original E.P., and they are by all means on the rise. They've toured with Yellowcard and are a fine example of indie punk. Craig's Brother includes original members Ted Bond on vocals, Heath Konkel on drums, and Scott Hrapoff on bass. New members are Glade Wilson and Adam Smith on guitar.
Craig's Brother has a wide range of influences, including Faith No More and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.
by Jamie June 18, 2006
What's up? How are you? Sup? What is your mood?
Wooz man?
How's ya wooz today?
by Jamie March 12, 2005
A short way of writing Piece of Shit.

Also commonly known in Australia as a Nissan powered by a GM Family II motor. Quite common to replace the GM 4 pot to a Nissan CA18DET which apparently increases the appeal of the car.
Oh man I am sick of this N13 breaking down all the time.
by Jamie March 11, 2005
When you shit all over the toilet seat
roberts home
by jamie October 13, 2003