161 definitions by Jamie

An unnatractive female.
Don't fancy yours much!! What a fu***in Woofer!!
by Jamie September 12, 2002
"Bitch" especially when used by persons with the name "Amit", and especially when used in phrases like "aiight B."
" You'se a B."
by Jamie August 31, 2002
Definition - Jamie who is the best fuckin person in this fuct up world we live in...
Backround -Mr. cOllin's 2nd period Social Studies class
Buff-i-lo is Lauren's damn sexxi bitch.
by jamie March 03, 2005
One who is determined to have sex with oneself.
James didn't care that the schoolgirls were watching, he flogged the dolphin right there in the middle of the church.
by Jamie December 21, 2004
In the oldern days the footpaths were called PAVEWALK's because they are made to walk on so don't knick my word bitch
you walk on the pave walk side singing do di do do do do di di do di do do di do dido
by Jamie April 29, 2004
To Get With Someone
Oh Man So Last Night I Was Shibbin In Da Bay With Chris IT WAS GOOOOOOOOD! HaHa
by Jamie December 01, 2003
tim cusic
doing a lad up da ass
by jamie March 19, 2003
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