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a place where useless information is compiled like this one, in hope that you will somehow get sucked into the oblivion (either by accident or searching yourself into it) that is the world wide web
my web site uses esp and mind control to make sad fuckers that stumble upon it enjoy gopher porn! www.dfd3843eeadlkd0934.ca.tv.org.net.com
by Jamie July 24, 2003
Realion is like saying 'between me and you' or 'really and truly'
'on the realion whats your problem'
'on the realion his shoes are messed up'
by jamie April 16, 2005
a group from which lee mccormick is a member of. He is renouned for being able to fit an entire salt and vinegar plringles tube up his arse which he totally could do if david harpour would take his arm out of lees shit encrusted rim. Davy loves the cock!
Lee is a shit encrusted asswipe of a gay fuck.
by Jamie December 28, 2004
a man having excessive body hair
that man has pifful
by Jamie June 02, 2004
truzzle is the combination of the words "true" and "trizzle"

normally used when one can not decided which of the two words to use
-"Man i can't wait to get stoned tomorrow"
by Jamie August 17, 2004
Someone who appears to be smokin crack or is just plain crazy.
My boyfriend is so cracky, he went skt-diving while he was drunk.
by Jamie May 10, 2004
In the oldern days the footpaths were called PAVEWALK's because they are made to walk on so don't knick my word bitch
you walk on the pave walk side singing do di do do do do di di do di do do di do dido
by Jamie April 29, 2004

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