161 definitions by Jamie

A spine under a lot of pressure and in alot of pain.
Oh my SPOYN! I'm gonna get you for that!
by Jamie April 04, 2004
Hello, with avengance! And an extra e because I was bored.
Heelo Malmo!
by Jamie April 03, 2004
Nothing but a cunt that bums chaos
Cunt Saxo Hater Mike
by Jamie March 17, 2004
Ska, Punk, Rap, all mixed together to form THE BEST BAND EVER!
by Jamie August 31, 2003
The line where a girls' drawls show
Can I play with yo' pannie line)c) Ying Yang Twins
by Jamie August 16, 2003
tired, exhausted from rigorous activity
After the bball game, Jorge was jookafied
by Jamie August 12, 2003
a place where useless information is compiled like this one, in hope that you will somehow get sucked into the oblivion (either by accident or searching yourself into it) that is the world wide web
my web site uses esp and mind control to make sad fuckers that stumble upon it enjoy gopher porn! www.dfd3843eeadlkd0934.ca.tv.org.net.com
by Jamie July 24, 2003
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