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When you are staring a new relationship with someone. It first starts out through texting each other. Before you are sexually active in the relationship you are textually active. No sex involved..just text.
Me and that girl are just textually active...nothing serious yet. Just texting to get to know each other.
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife March 24, 2009
Men get blue ones..women can get pink ones. It is when another women talks of a great recipe they made, or pair of shoes they bought, or a great pair of jeans. They get you all excited..stimulated...you can't wait to try it/borrow them.

Then you go over to their house to try/check these this items out..but the food is nasty, the jeans/shoes are ugly. Your bubble is deflated, no climax..you just got pink balls!
Hubby: Your home early.

Me: Yeah, my sister gave me pink balls.

Hubby: What!?

Me: Yeah, she told me she made Strawberry-Jello-Pretzel salad, I got all excited and went over to her house to have some.

Hubby: OK, and..

Me: It was GROSS..she made it wrong..took one bite and it wasn't worth the calories. She got me all excited and I just got Pink Balls!
A term that can be used for bloggers.

When a blogger is to busy to sit down and write their own post...they get a ghost post writer to do the dirty work for them. We tell them the story..they write it.
Sure I can go on vacation. I will just call my ghost post writer from the hotel, and give them a post to write for my blog. My readers won't know the difference.
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife October 12, 2009
These are people who loiter all day and night at your local 24 hour Walmart Super Center...with nothing to do.

Similar to Mallrats that hang all day in a mall..but these Wall Rats smell bad, usually don't have jobs, and dress like it is Halloween everyday.
Sally: "Crap..I gotta go to Walmart later tonight."

Molly: "What! Why?"

Sally: "I forgot I need a cheese log for our Office meeting in the morning."

Molly: "You better remember to pack your mace to ward off the Wallrats."
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife September 29, 2009
It it what happens a few days after Halloween. After all the good candy is gone. You have gone from eating Snickers and Kit Kats to Smarties and Jolly Ranchers. When this happens..you have a Halloween Recession on your hands.
The Halloween Recession has hit at our house. We are down to the hard candies and dums dums.
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife November 08, 2010

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