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A sarcastic retort to anyone who goes by the name of Helen that makes a derisory comment in your direction. The phrase is delivered with a shoulder up - down movement as each syllable is uttered, thus creating the suggestion that one is both a child (or at least possesses child-like qualities) and a simpleton, with little idea of how to successfully kick someone's ass verbally. Found around the Droitwich and Leeds areas.
Helen: "Is that acne or did you swap your face for a pizza?"
Pizza Face: "Helli Ha Ha."
by Jamez to the K July 04, 2006
Noun. A companion to Helli Ha Ha, 'horrihelly' can be used to describe the horridness of anyone who goes by the name of Helen, be it verbally, physically or mentally through telepathy. Used either in jest or seriousness, the word originates from the far reaches of Droitwich, but has recently been heard in the inner city slums of Leeds.
Helen: "Look at the state of you, your face looks like it's had a fight with the ugly stick"

Ugly: "Horrihelly. *sniff*."
by Jamez to the K July 04, 2006
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