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2 definitions by JamesRox

Referring to anyone of spanish or latin descent who is also considered to be emo or emotional.
Vanessa: I'm so sad...
Missy: And you're mexican...
James: She's such a spemo...
Missy: Yep
Vanessa: I'm a what????
by JamesRox November 24, 2006
6 1
A word used as a substitute for sayings such as, oh shit! or hot damn! It was created and intended to be used around parentals and teachers so you can stay out of trouble.
Missy:Man I love my new Razr
James:Yeah it's sweet...can I see it?
Vanessa:Yeah..it is nice...
Missy:Be careful
James:*drops phone*
by JamesRox November 23, 2006
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