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n: The shits when as soon as you pull down your pants shit explodes out of your ass

v: to hold your shit in to the point of shitting your pants
n: Bro! cant talk, I gotta run to the bathroom, I'm going to have a nick-o-time!!!

v: Hell no, I'm not getting up until I nick-o-time
by JamesRomano September 12, 2006
n: 1. A lot of shit in your toilet bowl
2. A horrible meal
Oh my god man, I shouldn't have eaten so much, there was a cheatulepoopa in my bathroom.
by JamesRomano September 12, 2006
Pronounced Z-POLE

n: A slang word for a big nipple
Wow, would you like to touch my zepole?
by JamesRomano September 12, 2006

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