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A fake Twitter acount, made to follow a real Tweet to make it jump in ranking. Pronounced "fitte:r".
- Did you hear about Joe? He went from 15 followers to 5k in just a couple of days!
- Well, they're all fwitters so who cares? Joe's a douchebag anyway.
by JamesMasonIsGod February 18, 2009
Conspiracy theories about the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson.
"Jeez there's a lot of kingspiracies on twitter right now."

"Did you hear the latest kingspiracy?"
by jamesmasonisgod June 25, 2009
When you discover yourself posting the same tweet a second time.
"Damn. I just tweetavud. How embarrassing."
by JamesMasonIsGod January 07, 2010

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