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3 definitions by JamesBrrando

Redookulous: (adjective) Act of describing a defecation of epic proportions. (Excess of 2.5 lbs)
Damn, fool I was in the bathroom dropping some redookulous loads, had to be around 3lbs worth.
by JamesBrrando February 21, 2010
3 1
an advantage or profit gained from penile insertion.
"She was ugly,but not ugly enough to forgo the benefits of my penis"
synonyms: good, sake, welfare, well-being, advantage, comfort, ease, convenience;
She wasn't all that, but after a few drinks I might as well give her the benefit of the penis.
by JamesBrrando September 28, 2013
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Roasted: (adjective) Act of being financially ripped to pieces, shredded, bankrupted, prone to accepting handouts, usually due to a poor financial choice.
I was short the DOW on the day it went up 350 points, needless to say I got roasted and am looking for a job tomorrow.
by JamesBrrando February 21, 2010
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