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The act of having doggy style sex with a woman while wearing the work attire of Clark Kent. Then, unknowingly to the woman, and while still inside her, the man undresses to reveal a full Superman outfit, including a cape. He ejaculates and she turns around to be surprised by the man of steel himself.
I almost gave this bitch a heart attack when I gave her the Superman Surprise. She turned around and saw my cape flowing in the wind, then slapped me in the face.
by JamesBondage October 29, 2010
The act of a woman getting fisted and then using her vagina muscles to tighten her grip on the inserted forearm. Similar to the way a fisherman goes noodling for catfish.
I took my girl noodling for catfish, but when we didn't catch anything I suggested pussy noodling. Man, can she clamp down on my forearm.
by JamesBondage October 29, 2010
The act of viewing every picture on a girl's Facebook profile the moment the girl accept's the guy's friend request.
Joe completely Facebook Raped Marcy the other day. It happened faster than my first time having sex.
by JamesBondage November 03, 2010

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