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The point of shamsher is to confuse someone, by pointing at either their feet, or the floor down beside them.
In doing so, you may have them confused and looking at one spot, while you walk past them (e.g to some out-of-bounds place)

Another purpose is to make them look stupid, and attack their self-confidence by putting them of the defensive.

It's is especially funny if you 'Shamsher' a teacher, one that is preferably going somewhere in a hurry, or to lunch at the end of class, it will produce hours of laughter after class with mates who already know about shamshering.
by James3k September 03, 2005
Sucky Edition.
Do not be fooled into buying a "SE" graphics card, it is half the price of the best card in its family for a reason.
Damn, that asian computer shop owner tricked me into buying the ATi 9800SE in promise that it could be modded into the 9800PRO with softmod9X00, little did i know, games are now requiring updated drivers which knock it back to 9800SE performance!
by James3k November 14, 2005
Shout "AHHHH! GHHH GHHH" scare the shit out of unsuspecting people.
Use in combination with Shamsher
*points at the ground*
by James3k September 20, 2005
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