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1. A member of an ancient people (1600-300 BCE) in the Mediterranean. They were remarkable for their seafaring achievements.

2. People from Phoenix who have no grasp of history. Or, they are aware, but pretentious enough to continue to call themselves "Phoenician."
Weslie: "Hi Molly, where are you from?"
Molly: "I am Phoenician!"
Weslie: "Your people helped colonize the ancient Mediterranean! That's awesome!"
Molly: "No. I'm from Phoenix."
Weslie: "Oh."
by James1006 September 10, 2010
An acronym for 'Motion Capture'. The term is used by hipsters who can't take the time to just say 'motion capture'.
Dolly: "Wow, the 'MoCap' in this movie is awesome!"
Weslie: "MoCap?"
Dolly: "MoCap means Motion Capture. It is a commonly used term."
Weslie: "Oh, sorry."
by James1006 January 01, 2008

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