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4 definitions by James king

Conservative aka lamer term for Judges which interpret all the laws therefore disagree with conservatives.
1) Segregation in the 1950s and 60s.

2) Activist Judges are trying to change the good old boy way of life.
by James king November 17, 2004
40 33
A person who goes around dropping, hot steamy shits in computers.
Devin is a Deuce Fairy he deuced the chairman of the Computer Tech Department’s computer.
by James king May 31, 2004
12 8
Rex is a nickname for the Subaru WRX and also the Honda CRX.
Q: What do you drive?

Teenage kid: "I have a rex. (CRX)"

20 something guy: "I have a rex. (WRX)"
by James King January 08, 2004
72 91
"noun" Some slut who likes to Fuck, where as you can go out trying to find someone you may care about knowing you can always call this girl later.
have you seen the movie booty-call
by James King January 26, 2003
72 180