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3 definitions by James Wood

A base ball bat with two base balls.
" Lets play two way base ball patrick" said spongebob
by James Wood June 26, 2004
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Some gay guys who use there dicks as "Hammers" they bang in the nails with their Penis's in order to make it into a four-by-four. If nail is fully in and their penis is not throbbing with pain. Then they get oral sex by some really hot hot hot muscle toned buff guy.
" Carl is the winner" said Jake
"Oh, good my dick needs some wet rubbing after all of that nail banging"
by James Wood June 26, 2004
1 12
A long stick with a big ball on it's end.
" Wow what a long stick, I like to suck on the ball on the end"
by James Wood June 26, 2004
43 76