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When a bitch is giving you head, as you blow your load in her mouth, you pull her hair back and karate chop her throat... Causing your cum to shoot out her nostrils and hang down like walrus tusks, hence the term frosted walrus.
I heard that bitch is down with the frosted walrus.
by James Wisniewski June 19, 2008
An asshole or Rectum. Male or Female
Hey slut I wanna bury my cock deep in your A Drive
by James Wisniewski August 28, 2006
A racial term for an african-american. Referring to the consistency of their hair, similar to wool.
Don King is a fucking wooley nigger.
by James Wisniewski June 19, 2008
A Polish date is when you meet a trash slut online that you want to fuck cause you're horny, but you don't want other people to know about it, because she's so gross. You roll over to her house (has to be her house) with a bottle of cheap vodka, so that you barely even remember the whole thing, except getting your nut off.
Hey did you hear that Jim Wisniewski took your sister out for a polish date?
by James Wisniewski August 28, 2006

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