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place for the penis to go when a girl is on her period (see also dadonkadonk)
mary was on her period, so i banged her in the butthole
by james walsh April 07, 2003
showing traits of being a fag
brandon chase is under homo suspicion

"i should be under homo suspicion" - eric leir
by james walsh April 08, 2003
it means 'oh yeah', it can also be used instead of cool or sweet
you score a try in footy and then you say 'chicachow'
by James Walsh November 18, 2004
1. That springy thing with the rubber stopper screwed into the baseboard behind the doors in your house to keep the door from hitting the wall. 2. The cardboard tube that toilet paper or paper towels come on.
3. Comment on something being stupid.
I just flew in from Germany and boy are my arms tired.
by James Walsh April 09, 2005
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