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Slang referring to the act of smoking marijuana.
"Yo dude lets go blaze one for the nation"

"If refer to smoking a joint as "blazing one for the nation" one more time, I will give you a sap covered pink sock. Ok?"
by James The Pain Hoban August 03, 2008
Someone who uses Google and/or the Internet to answer all questions as they have no knowledge base and rely on their phone's instead of their brains.
"Its like, Eric's so knowledgeable about EVERYTHING!" - "Bullshit, he's a fucking Fingertip Genius"
by James The Pain Hoban October 22, 2014
A modified pink sock in which the perpitrator puts sap or resin from a tree on his or her penis and then proceeds to put aforementioned penis into the "sockee's" butthole and pulls out, resulting in said "sap covered pink sock".
"No matter how many times I put my penis in his ass, and no matter what I cover it in, it still wont Pink sock."

"Have you tried pine tar, its great as long as he does not mind a Sap Covered Pink Sock."
by James The Pain Hoban August 03, 2008

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