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a substance from northern Brazil that has the body experience deja vu for every second for about 3 weeks.
damn, dat nigga be slippin on a chrono-rib.
by James Steeds April 29, 2007
a drug used to simulate entrance into a pope's vagina. It consists of candy, tin foil, and milk all blended and injected through a syringe into the bloodstream.
damn, DAT NIGGA doing Pope's Vagina
by James Steeds April 29, 2007
Its like tripping on a drug only it is used for drugs such as:

chrono-rib, steez, candy-teeth, pex, treep, grope ope, ONain, Pope's Vagina, and OPD
damn, dat nNiKKA SLIPPINg!
by James Steeds April 29, 2007

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