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One who hangs around town. Formerly recognisible by their shell suit (Circa: 1989), now can be seen with baseball stretchfit cap on backwards/forwards, but to the side slightly and (Inexplicably) one trouser leg rolled to the knee with a sports sock pulled half way up the shin of the same leg. Normally has an IQ not outsizing their own shoe size, the towny travels in packs of at least five, displaying hostile behaviour to whoever does not coform to their rather narrow view of what is 'it' today. This can become particularly hostile if the individual in question may be wearing a band T shirt or is the owner of a pony tail and/or several peircings. Towny's are also noted for their unique method of speech, preferring to use such words as 'Innit' and 'Bad' (Meaning good!!??). They often decorate their bodies, in the form of really cheap and nasty looking tattoos (Known in the tattoo industry as 'scratches.') with the emblems of their favourite football clubs, their girlfriends names (Spelt wrongly.) or a bulldog.
Those guys are townys. Oh shit, there ten of them and seem irritated with me because I seem to be breathing with my eyes apparently open.
by James Standley January 27, 2004
Something which is completely stupid to the point of annoyance and also has no discernable use to society as a whole.
I HATE Good Charlotte...they are just so GQAY
by James Standley January 29, 2004

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