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Home to Haverford High School, Super-wawa, and the amazing cenzos (pronounced "chen-zoes", not "sen-zoes"). Recreational drug use is the norm, and everyone knows that Varsity is where to get your alcohol.
Whether your trying to squeeze through the mass of pre-teen hoes and drunken high-schoolers to get into Superwawa, or enjoying a blunt at the Skatium (right next to the police station) , you are guareenteed a good time.
In Havertown, PA you can never be too old to enjoy the St. Denis fair.
by James St. James November 12, 2006
A town generally known for either the rich, BMW-owning, Haverford Boys School attending assholes that live in houses at least three times the size of a normal one, or the middle-class want-to-be ganstas who spend most nights hitting up wawa or getting wasted at Polo park.
On the average Saturday night, you can find a small conglomerate of the future members of AA sitting around and on the jungle gym, talking about how much they hate Havertown and then climbing into the car, soon to get their third or fourth DUI.
My pants can fit a family of 4, my shirt is big enough to get lost in, and even though I've had a great education at Coopertown I spell "boys" like "boyz." Thats right, I'm from Bryn Mawr.
by James St. James November 12, 2006

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