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A torturing term used all around the world but originating in Chelsea. The victim's hands are tied or held and the sides of there mouth are cut slightly breaking the strong lip structure. The victim is then kicked very hard in the nuts or in the case of a woman a leg is broken and as the victim screams the cuts rip creating the Chelsea Smile.
That (cunts) been sleeping with my wife, give him a Chelsea Smile.
by James Spencer June 07, 2005
The act where a (turd) is frozen creating a hard phallic(mr hanky)which can either be eaten by you or your partner like a lolly or used as a dildo for the pleasure of yourself anally(perfect fit) or a friend.
'Hey john go and get me a brown lolly!!'
'Senoir Whippies new Brown Lolly had become a new favourite with the kids'
by James Spencer June 06, 2005
Wigwam, Wigwammed
To use an impermeable material to recreate the effect that a (condom,jonny)would have at the moment of ejaculation. String, elastic bands and other crafting methods may be utilised to achieve the desired result.
Mainly used unsuccessfully by chavs and squaddies who cant afford to buy the bulk of condoms they need for everyday life. Can be used also in a chat up line such as 'lets wigwambang'.
Tinny didnt have a jonny but remembered a classic wigwamming technique He grabbed a crisp packet that was lying next to him under the bush and placed it over the end of his knob.
I didnt get her pregnant cos i wigwammed (plr).
by James Spencer June 06, 2005
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