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Repairied in an unsuitable fashion.
Duct taped together or jury rigged.
1st Dude: Can you fix my bike?
2nd Dude: Sure.
2nd Dude: Here, I'm done.
1st Dude: Dude you mickey moused it!
2nd Dude: Your welcome
by James Sheridan April 19, 2005
In reference to the movie Back to The Future. Meaning extremely fast (possibly leaving flames).
1st guy: Man did you see that car drive buy?
2nd Dude: Ya mon it was totally delorean fast.
by James Sheridan April 19, 2005
Used to represent, "Ok I'm Back"
It is a popular form of internet slang that has started to catch on. Much faster than saying its full meaning and is useful in many situations.
1st Dude:brb
2nd dude:k
1st Dude:kimb
by James Sheridan April 19, 2005
Another version of fo' shizzle my nizzle
predominately used by white kids.
For sure dumb ass!
1st dude:Dude, did you do last night's homework?
2nd Dude:Fa shire my nine iron!
by James Sheridan April 19, 2005
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