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Points Thou Shalt Recive From the Lord Almighty for showing extreme Manlyness and loyalty to the Ancient Man Code
Man: "wow you just snowboarded down Mt Everest on a loly-stick from the top naked, blind-folded, while on fire....with no limbs.............. you get 7 Man Points

Limbless Man: "Wow cheers erm.. thanks alot.... i guess"
by James Newby September 07, 2007
When a man hurts himself then screams like a big sissy girl with little pigtails in pain or simply complains too much and a friend states this phrase which will make them make them feel stupid, humiliated and unmanlike/unmanly/increasingly more womenly it can also be used to belittle men who display womeness.
(man chips nail then crys)
"Man It Out Clint"

(Meat-Head guy swallows live Grenade)
(Nearby man screams with fear and runs off)
(Meat-Head guy bellows "Man It Out" You fool as he is exploding)
by James Newby September 07, 2007
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