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A derogatory term referring to anyone who owns a tuner/street racer to over-compensate for a lack of something else, as in a small penis. Pun on the unfortunately blockbuster hit film series The Fast and the Furious.
Mike: Dude, do you see those street racers out there? Nice.

Steve: Yeah, but it's the Fast and the Penisless. Those guys got nothing else to be proud about.
by James Myrick September 23, 2007
A person, usually a male, who goes about his life with the idea that he has actual, genuine friends. He believes that he is "cool", and possibly "popular." But, in the sad fact of reality, he is far from any of these things. Non of his supposed "friends" like him. In fact, they all hate him. The jokes and stories he tells are never as funny or cool as he thinks they are. He is simply a loud, distracting annoyance to any social scene. i.e., that one guy in a group of friends who nobdody likes.
Mike: Dude, Ed's calling me again. It's like the fifth time tonight!

Steve: What a fucking douche bag. When's he gonna get the idea we don't want to hang out with him?
by James Myrick August 04, 2007
I tattoo primarily found on white (caucasian) men that, when displayed to minorities stands for the usual "Fuck the World", but when in the presence of other whites it actually stands for "Forever Truly White". It is common with many radical white southern gang members.
Steve: Did you see David's new tattoo?

Mike: Yeah, FTW, fuck the world. He's always angry.

Steve: Nah it really means Forever Truly White. He's joined the skin heads, apparently.
by James Myrick January 01, 2008

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