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1 definition by James Mynott

A new game discovered at a school I attend in Cambridgeshire. The Basic rules of the game, Tard ball are that you use any part of your body (preferably your hand) to hit the tennis ball against the ground first, and then the ball must hit the wall. The ball must not hit the ground twice before the wall or hit the wall first.
There is a serve line where the ball must surpass to count as a legal serve. The serve line is usually about 1 metre high. Other rules such as an obstruction come into action when a player has deliberately intended to decrease the opposing player’s chances of getting to the ball. Also after you have chosen your wall to play at, if the tennis ball hit a grass or mud area it is a foul shot and the player is eliminated from the round

Tard ball is when One player serves the ball into the ground then onto the wall and the ball hits a mud area. The player is then eliminated from the round.
by James Mynott December 02, 2006