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You have to love to hate the PRT. It's the best way to get around WVU's campus unless there is something important that your going to...like an exam, lunch or childbirth. If you use the PRT for something simple, like going to the library to study, it runs perfectly. If your doing something major, it has a 78.9% chance of breaking down.
While you are broken down on one side of the track, you can always notice other cars still going in the opposite direction, this is another unexplained phenomena about the PRT. The usual waiting time for fixing the PRT is about...forever.
Dammit, the PRT broke down again. Good thing I packed some food, a pillow and a blanket.

Jon: The PRT broke down on me today. I missed two classes and an exam.
Paul: Yeah, I was on the other side of the track going downtown. I made it there in plenty of time.
by James Minutelli November 02, 2005
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