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Bungendore is unarguably the biggest hole in this world. It has a population of about 56, and its greatest asset is a weed-making company CanTurf.

Situated near Canberra, many visitors unknowingly mistake bungendore for canberra, however, this is simply untrue. This mistake is commonly made because of the following mathematical proof.

let Canberra be C
let Bungendore be B

C = Hole
B = Hole

therefore, C = B

however, people often fail to notice that B > C in terms of holedness.
"Canberra is a hole"

"not as much as bungendore"
by James Mc James May 15, 2006
The Bumsnag is a sausage made out of the gluteus maximus and the gluteus minimus.

Traditionally cooked on a barbie with a cold beer in the left hand and the tongs in the other, the bumsnag is a culinary delight straight from outback australia!

Originally being made only in Canberra, the bumsnag has quickly spread to other parts of the world, with variations coming out in the US and in great britain. those are most likely fried however, as the barbie is not in use in these places. These variations are known by many different names, especially as a spam-monger.

The bumsnag has a very rubbery texture, mainly dependant on the human from whcih the gluteus Maximus and Miniumus was taken from.

The fat content of these sausages are mainly dependant on the body mass index of the original donor. In recent years, low-fat varieties have come out.
"Oy! you wanna have a barbie next week?"
"yeah mate, ill bring the beers!"
"okay - ill bring some bumsnags"
"awesome mate"


"go hard son!" - father yelling out at the juniour footy!
"aaah - what a bumsnag!" - father when the umpire calls holding the ball on his son!
by James Mc James May 15, 2006
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