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An impliment of pleasure favoured by homosexual gentlemen. Resembles a dildo and is used to tickle the area in between the fudge hole and the trouser snake. Can be easily slipped into supposedly innocent conversation in a bar room setting because of its similar sound to 'bar stool.'
"Did you bring your 'barse tool' with you Mr Picklesworth?" ennquired the colonel with a wink and a nudge.
"Why yes, but I'm afraid it's still covered in shit from last time," sniggered Mr Picklesworth.
by James M.A M April 28, 2006
Sexual encounter in which the gentleman pokes his pink pogo-stick into a ladies mouth, through a turd on a piece of cling film.
Particularly popular in Germany. Ironically
'What better gift on the anniversary of their wedding than an American Hot Lunch,' thought Geoffrey as he pushed his shit stained cock through the clingfilm into Josi's gaping cake hole. He always was a romantic chap.
by James M.A M April 27, 2006
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