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A disease caused by great food, welcoming company, and a calming, naturally lit atmosphere; symptoms include staying at the Snelling Dining Commons for over 3 hours consecutively and visiting it periodically during the day for almost every meal, especially from peak hours of 12pm-3am, Monday-Thursday.
"He's/She's always at Snelling! He/She definitely has a massive case of Snellidia."
by James Jamesson December 01, 2009
Originating in the United Kingdom and spreading through the commonwealth countries, Boxing Day is a holiday that extends all the way from the Medieval period when the Lord's serfs were still barred from partaking in the royal Christmas festivities. While Christmas Day is usually spent with family members and often is a very spiritually centered and wholesome time, Boxing Day is the more secularly celebratory day of the Holiday season wherein celebrators gather with their close friends (and perhaps some lingering family members) and get hammered in the spirit of Christmas. So hammered that several drunken boxing fights are known to break out between friends and family members, people whom wouldn't usually be partaking in drunken boxing let alone the act of getting wasted together.
"Man, it's Boxing Day! Let's go out and get schlammered in the spirit of Christmas!"

"Dude... I just celebrated Boxing Day yesterday, I never thought I would get wasted in front of my Grandma..."
by James Jamesson December 25, 2009
It's the most important test you can take. It's the defining moment of your manhood.
It's a pretty crucial test. Without a man test, you can't be a man, right?
by James Jamesson April 21, 2011

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