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A teenage Sub-Group, ie. People who are not cool enough to be popular but are not nerdy enough to be geeks.

Inbetweeners are therefore an average of the two major teenage social groups
'' Hey have you seen those Inbetweeners, they are lucky they don't have to be stereotyped like us ''
by James Hingley May 29, 2008
Someone who comes from Eastern Europe and has Eastern European ancestry.
'' Hey have you seen those Eastern Europeans they are f****** badass! ''
by James Hingley May 31, 2008
A party in the UK, who are determined to ruin the foundations of which the land is based on, by cheating, decieving and double crossing the British public.
1990s voter : '' God I hate the Labour Party, I hope things change soon ''

21st century voter : '' its too late the damage has already been done ''
by James Hingley May 31, 2008
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