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The Woodthorpe Moybles a notorious British Gang well known for murder, arson and drug smuggling. Founding members; Sam (the shed) Barrow and triptrip rival gangs include the Jamesons
Moyble is the weapon of choice usually amongst the Woodthorpe Moybles
Holy fuck here comes shed and triptrip with there moybles.
Don't worry there not after us it's another gang war with the Jamesons
I heard the Jamesons like boys
by James Hay December 03, 2004
triptrip the word commonly used in the Woodthorpe Moybles (a gang notorious for murders and arson)
in the Woodthorpe Moybles triptrip is one of the founding members and the most violent
Oh shit theres triptrip I hope he dosn't kneecap me with his 12 gauge
by James Hay December 03, 2004
bunch of wanna be gangstas couldn't bus' a grape in a fruit fight
Gangsta 1:Yo i jus smoked one o' those sherwood mafia faggots there a bunch of pussies
Gangsta 2:Let me aks you a question Jamal did you use yo gat or did you run em down
Gangsta 1: I ran those bustas donw in ma G'd up escalade
Gangsta 2:Fo Sho
by james hay April 16, 2005

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