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a person who likes to snipe things with piss when he goes to urinate

someone who aims at specific inanimate objects when they piss

Pissing off the top of a cliff to see how for it goes and what u can hit with the trajectory

for ones self amusement
"yes! look wat i pissed on from here!"
accurate pissing for england!

" i am a penal sniper cus i can hit that *insert object* acurately :)"

by James Halsall July 04, 2006
a phrase used by someone to insult someone else

Taken from Burnt Face Man cartoons by david firth

also a good combination with buggernuts :)
You sir are a shit bitch!!

shut up! shit bitch

you shit bitch buggernuts!
by James Halsall July 04, 2006
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