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The english language has been tied down gagged and gang raped by skater fags, gangsta's and wiggers who all like to shove slang in its ass.
Dude dat was teh sickest move eva.

Yo was happenin ova dere? Its a pimp stealin our hoes, lets pop a cap in his ass and den steal his bling. Fo Shizzle.

Hmm shizzle i dont think i see that word in an english dictionary, maybe ill check the how to talk like you've never gone to school manual....
by James Haig August 04, 2006
People who follow thier friends, or generally people they see. Its not true that emo's are sheep, if they are generally depressed and thats how they show it then they are not, but if they choose that lifestyle because they see other people doing it and choose to use it even though they dont like it are the real sheep.
Guy1: That guy only shops for the most expensive brands he is such a sheep

Guy2: No he just likes what they offer.

Guy1: That guy saw his friend buy all that stuff so he wanted to aswell.

Guy2: What a sheep.
by James Haig August 18, 2006
Somthing the 8 year olds on Urban Dictionary love to think they do....
Dude dis definition said rape is ok, woot must put thumbs up! Now im going to stick a dildo in my teddy bear lolololololloololol!1!!!1
by James Haig August 04, 2006
1. The other gender of gender of the human race (seefemale), generally the stronger (muscle) gender, the less emotional gender (not counting italians) the more sex wanting one and generally the more aggressive and violent one.
Although this is generally the usual case it isn't all the time, men can be weak and emotional and not generally sex crazed or violent and women aren't always weak and emotional or slutty or money hungry and or the general stereotype. Things differ from person to person.

2. Man: A word to use when directing a statement at someone, a word used when complaining about somthing and a word that was popularised by hippies
1. That man is a sleaze ball.
2. My man is great.
3. That girl is fine, man.
4. Aw man that sucks.
5. Pass the bong maaaaannnn.....
by James Haig August 04, 2006
There are two types of feminist's

1) Someone who believes in equal rights and values for both genders

2) Someone who believes in equal rights but still want men to do most of the work.
1. She wants equal rights and shares the responsibilitys of men that feminist is awesome.

2.Guy: She talked about equal rights then said i should pay for everything because im the man.

Guy2: That was a bitch feminist mate.
by James Haig August 18, 2006
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