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1 definition by James Golic

An individual who is dedicated to and listens to the music of the Psychopathic artists ICP, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, ABK, ROC. A juggalo is someone who has been influenced by the Psychopathic artists (mostly ICP) and the Dark Carnival (such as me)
Juggalos can be rude and violent. Some can be nice and non-violent. Their are various types of juggalos. I am against violence. Some of my juggalo friends are crazy as hell and they do random things that shock people. Some are just laid back and don't like to cause any trouble.
Juggalos are probably one of the most hated group of people. Most could care less and others take action towards haters. Some, like me, just let it slide unless a hater gets in our face.

The reasons why we are hated is:

1. We wear face-paint (most of us do, I don't)
2. We listen to music that other people don't like.
3. We're different and don't fall under the category of "normal" (What exactly is "normal"?)
4. We say what we want. (There is a thing called freedom of speech people)
5. We stand up for ourselves.

I guess you can say a juggalo is someone who chooses to believe what they want and listens to the music they want and doesn't really care what someone has to say about it. A juggalo gets ridiculed and criticized for not liking things that are trendy.

Oh well. News flash people. We all have our own opinions and minds. We have the right to be juggalos and you can't change that.
Random Guy: Are you a juggalo?

Juggalo: Yes.

Random Guy: You're a fucking idiot.

Juggalo: And why is that?

Random Guy: Because you're a gay ass juggalo.

Juggalo: And the point of hating juggalos is?

Random Guy: There is no point, you guys are fucking losers.

Juggalo: Thank you. Now go do something productive.
by James Golic May 08, 2008